Another Rotten Apple

Andy Sack just gave up on his switch from Microsoft to Apple.  I’ve tried to make this switch twice over the past few years (once randomly, once on the eve of the Vista launch) and ended up in Vista land.  Each time I write about it, I get comments from a bunch of Mac fans saying something to the effect of “Brad – the problem is you – you’re just stupid.”  Ok – whatever.  I think Andy said it better – “I guess I’m just a PC nerd.”  Of course, my iBrick experience (and deep satisfaction with my Dash) just reinforces this.  Now – the big question is whether I plan to get the Xbox 360 or the PS3 version of Harmonix’s Rock Band.

  • Luis

    Dont fight it man, just go for the xbox. If you couldn’t get the mac imagine the PS3…….

  • I exclusively use Mac (hardward). However I find Vista more useful on the OS side. I know apple hates exchange and won;t do a reasonable integration, but frankly thats the path the me..

    I dual boot both my laptop and home mac but unless I’m doing video (which the mac does much better) Vista is far more useful for every day to day home stuff.

    Vista won over my photo browsing with the new View by super size Icon in the file browser.

  • rick gregory

    Stupid? Obviously not. But last time you did this it came out that you have a deep dependence on Exchange. That alone would have made me steer you away from Macs as there’s no first class Exchange client on the platform. And, if I remmeber correctly, you switched back and forth – that kind of thins always hinders your comfort with the new platform.. the one you’re used to feels good, the new one hasn’t bedded into your psyche and isn’t second nature. Of course you will prefer the familiar one. That would be true the othr way around of course… a Mac fan learning Windows.

    All that said I think it’s amusing to see people fret so much over the platform. Some people prefer Mac OS X. Some prefer XP or Vista. If you have a key software dependency, that’s what will rule your decision. I just don’t see why it’s still a topic of interest as to which platform someone prefers. *shrug*

  • I’m with Todd on this one – Apple makes great hardware. I use a MacBook Pro running parallels. It’s the best of both worlds. I get two guis and a bsd flavor of unix all on one machine.

    I do think that I’ll be less attracted to windows once Google apps takes over the enterprise.

  • I fully agree with your insightful perspective, actually there is a similar thread at Frontier Blog
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  • Jim


  • Eric

    I work all day now with Windows machines and I have to say I miss the Mac platform. I spend more time with useless little problems that I never had to deal with before.
    I used exchange via Microsoft’s Entourage in the last company and that worked out fine. I believe we had to use a mix of webdav and iMap depending on the version of Entourage. It wasn’t as integrated as Exchange, but I think that would be Microsoft’s problem, not Apple’s.
    I see the benefit of both however I still feel the Mac OS X platform and Apple hardware is the better setup.

  • Steve Bergstein

    Thanks, Brad (and Harmonix) for a compelling reason to acquire yet another game system. I won’t be telling my kids about Rock Bank . . .

  • Doc G.

    First off, I am a Mac guy, strictly for the OS. Reality, I am a Unix guy. I am a professor and teach Unix, even set up a Unix degree (AAS). I am way more comfortable with an OS that has had almost 40 years of debugging than the latest MS attempt. Still, it’s one of those holy wars that we won’t solve. Use what you are comfortable with, and if you want to be a power user, get a *nix. They are stable, and give you amazing abilities. If you want to be a “user”, then Microsoft is fine. It all depends upon what you want out of your computer. Some like chocolate, some like strawberry…just a matter of taste.

  • JustAGuy

    Look, just do it, man. Just get the Xbox. You obviously wouldn’t be happy getting a console that just works. You should feel right at home with something that reboots, fries, melts down, has to be replaced every 18 months, has a new upgrade just around the corner that will have all the latest bells and whistles from Microsoft, and where loading Linux or replacing the hard drive yourself violates the EULA.

    Just a thought…

  • Breeno

    Loved the dash reference, I feel the same way about mine – incredibly useful gadget.

    I’m a pluralist: I develop under XP at work, run Vista on my Tablet PC and dual boot Vista and Linux at home.

    I’ll probably buy a Mac for the kiddo (and for me to fiddle with). Vista, to me, doesn’t deserve it’s bad rap. Other the UAC’s adolescently goofy implementation (why ask twice?) and an occasional why-is-this-thing-taking-forever-to-browse- this-folder acts of senility, it’s polished and robust.

    Linux, well, ok, *Beryl* owns me though. Linux just sates my inner geek 🙂