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Hi, I’m Brad Feld, a managing director at the Foundry Group who lives in Boulder, Colorado. I invest in software and Internet companies around the US, run marathons and read a lot.

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A Significant Interview

Comments (2)

My friends Larry and Pat Nelson of interviewed me last week.  The word of the interview appears to be “significant.”  Feel free to play bozo bingo and count the number of times I refer to something as significant. 

I covered a bunch of stuff – exits, “web 2.0 or whatever”, several TechStars companies, Facebook, and Donkey Kong.  Even David thought is was great (but was it significant?)

  • David Cohen

    I thought this was a significantly greater interview than many substantial ones I’ve heard in the past.

  • kevin

    i guess not as significant as your interview which I don’t believe you ever mentioned :(

    we still love you helped us out ;)

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