Talking About Your Product Roadmap

There are two opposite approaches in the world that most software companies take when talking about future products.  1. Say nothing until the day of the release and 2. Talk regularly about your roadmap.  There used to be a third – “announcing a product but then not shipping it for a while” (anyone remember vaporware?) – but that’s faded into the background for the most part at this point (and is distinctly different than #2.)

Alex Iskold of AdaptiveBlue has a great example of talking regularly about your roadmap up on his post Work In Progress: SmartLinks WebService and Automatic SmartLinksI’m very intrigued with AdaptiveBlue and very impressed with the way Alex thinks.  I also love that he’s talking about what he’s working on and asking for thoughts and comments.

Greg Reinacker has done this regularly over the years on his blog, dating back to a post on January 4, 2003 titled News AggregatorIf you want to see some fun old posts on “thinking out loud and rapidly interating your product”, look at Greg’s archive posts from January to March 2003.

Guys – keep it up!

  • We can observe this almost every business. Most of the business minded people creates their plan though not all talked about them as they were still thinking of a lot of things or some are not sure and there business still needs clarifications. While other talked their roadmap not because there are completely and hundred percent sure with their product or system they were offering but because they want their product to be known early and establish its name to people and later it will be converted into sales.