Synchronized Lost Plane Crash Sequence

Amy and I became addicted to Lost this year after my brother and his wife gave us Season 1 on DVD for some holiday gift thing.  If you are lost in Lost, check out the following video of the plane crash sequence.

Someone went to the trouble of splicing the segments together across a bunch of different episodes – it’s pretty dramatic.

  • hmm,
    no biz comment on the lessons showed by producers neglecting their audience for 8 months? I was a rabid fan until they had that long hiatus – I lost the lost bug and now I don’t even catch the show at all.

    I got hooked on lost the same way… too bad they didn’t have the immediate aftermath in this montage too (engine bursting, etc), but a cool video, thanks for posting it!


  • Fantastic Brad! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been a Lost addict since the beginning and I cannot get enough. There were about 4 episodes this season where they almost lost me with less than stellar acting, writing, and directing at about the same time 24 lost me, but I stayed with Lost because I have to know…. Know what I mean? 24 not so much this season. As a matter of fact I may watch on DVD, but for the most part I am out of there.

    Anyway, this video was pretty well done althoug I question some of the timing, but how can you complain when someone went to all that trouble.