My Relationship With Beauty Products

Amy put an interview with Brad Paisley & Kimberly Williams titled “The Look of Love” (People Magazine, May 7, 2007, p. 193) on my desk the other day.  The last few lines could have been from a conversation between me and Amy.

Brad: I’m not really into beauty products.  I just find them through my wife.  I work in the sun a lot outside and I get dry skin, and I’ll borrow whatever is in the cabinet.

Kimberly: He’ll take whatever is sitting there – if it’s $80 La Mer, he would still take it.

Brad: Her hair products are good – like what’s that oil in the shower?

Kimberly: That’s for shaving my legs!  Have you been putting it on your hair?

Brad: I thought it was conditioner.  Well, anyway, it makes your hair real shiny!

I think all Brad’s must be the same.

  • When I got my hair cut at the SuperCuts in Boulder the cutter asked what I put in my hair. I said shampoo. She laughed at me.

  • My shampoo is strictly utilitarian (flakes, begone!) while everything else I use is at my girlfriend’s behest (“Here, dear, I’m going to throw out your old soap — do you want to use this one next?”).

    I think an engineer’s approach demands a certain amount of rigorous attention to these things, though, which I follow when carrying out primary research on, say, the best deodorant and most effective toothbrush. At least I’m a *clean* eccentric.

  • Steve Christensen

    Your blog is a perfect example of why most blogs don’t have staying power. You write some really good stuff…sometimes, but posts like these make me think that you either have absolutely nothing to write or that you think people are really into you.

    These posts are okay on occasion, but they dilute what is otherwise a very good blog.