Moving To Boulder

We are moving our offices to Boulder.  As of Monday, our new address will be:

1050 Walnut Street
Suite 210
Boulder, CO  80302

Due to the miracle of modern technology, all of our telephone numbers will remain the same.

My office has been in Superior, CO since 2000.  We’ve enjoyed being above a liquor store and a pizza joint for seven years.  While I’ve gotten tired of telling people that “Superior is basically Boulder”, I figured out that it wasn’t really helpful to say “Boulder is superior.”

We’ve traded our pizza joint for The Rio, Walnut Brewery, The Kitchen, Amanti, and The Foundry (our namesake bar across the street.)  If you decide to go for a five minute walk, you’ll pass by a bunch of our friends, including Me.dium, TechStars, Boulder Ventures, Vista Ventures, Kachi Partners, Greenmont Capital, Google (@Last), Confluence Commons, Lacuna, Collective Intellect, Prospect Street, Tango, Applied Trust, Blink Gallery, Paul Berberian and Co., Slice of Lime, Metzger, Van Heyst Group, Ravenwood, Texture Media, Mango, and I’m sure I missed a bunch.  Of course, being Boulder, there is sushi everywhere.

We’ll miss the constant entertainment from our friends at Return Path and StillSecure (who we shared offices with in Superior), but I’m sure they’ll enjoy the nice big juicy offices we’ve left them to expand into.

  • YIPPEE!!!!!!

  • Welcome to town, Foundry! Great to have you so close. Good news for me at least 😉

  • How’s the rent differential? Have not checked Boulder office space costs for a while now, but they have got to be going up…

  • Osman

    Welcome! Downtown Boulder is such a nice location. So many restaurants, cafes, and bars to visit. And the synergy potential of all the young, up and coming firms. At a minimum, guess we’ll see a pick up in your Judy’s Book reviews now.

  • Lindel

    Congrats, look forward to seeing the new digs.

  • Congratulations on your move! Are all the cool, vintage video games going with you too?

  • @Steve – all the video games have been divested (e.g. either sold or given away.) But I’m sure we’ll find some fun new toys to play with.

  • I missed this post on my day off… I’ll bet this lightens the commute a bit. It sure is great to have so much startup energy in such a cool place.

  • I’m honored I had the chance to experience all of Superior’s glory when I was there….battling for a parking space against the beer trucks constantly trying to deliver to the liquor store; observing the ReturnPath people; getting a Cali Bagel at SuperJoes; and trying to punch the security code on the side door with my fingers absolutely freezing and my ass getting hit by flying snow.