Jared Polis for Congress

It was inevitable that, with the endless crush of the upcoming elections, I’d start writing the occasional post on politics.  I’ve decided to ignore the primary elections for the presidential elections, but there are some local Colorado candidates that I am putting some effort for in the primaries.

One of them is my long time friend Jared Polis.  Jared was one of the first people that I met when I moved to Colorado (I think we met in early 1996 via my first business partner Dave Jilk.)  We’ve been involved in a number of things together, including a company called Net.Capitol, TechStars, Young Entrepreneurs Organization, and a bunch of non-profit stuff.  Jared has had remarkable entrepreneurial success at both BlueMountainArts.com (acquired by [email protected]) and Provide Commerce (IPO, then acquired by Liberty Media.)

I believe Jared represents the new generation of leadership in government – one that is desperately needed.  Jared has been passionate about public service since I met him and his experience is extensive.  He’s an articulate independent thinker – willing to dig into data and draw his own conclusions.  And he’s a phenomenal human being.

I encourage you to get to know Jared and – if willing – support his run for Congress.

  • Lura

    Jared has visited the District Parent Council for Boulder Valley Schools several times to make presentations, and I’ve always been impressed by him. I found his presentations to be well-balanced, intelligent, and informative. He backed up all of his statements with data and facts, something that I appreciate as I find many times when people discuss school-related issues, fact is often trumped by emotion.

    I’ve met him socially a couple of times, too, although I would seriously doubt that he’d remember me, and I came away thinking that this is one smart guy. I think we could use some really smart people in Congress these days.

  • Eleanore Snogren

    I'm trying to find your DC address so that we can send you a letter.

  • Jared’s contact info is at http://polis.house.gov/Contact/