I’ve Been Travelling Too Much

I have a superb packing algorithm.  I can pack my magic blue bag (think “Felix the Cat’s bag”) with seven days worth of clothes in under five minutes.  This used to annoy Amy since she believes that packing should expand to fill all available time until you must leave for the airport right now damnit now now now but she has mellowed with age.

I always either wear my running shoes or pack my running shoes since – well – I’m endlessly training for a marathon.  I got up at 4am yesterday, speed packed, and flew to Las Vegas.  I wore dress shoes on the plane since I had a meeting in the morning and then kept them on all day since the gang I was with (aka “The Last Horseman Down Bachelor Party”) went out to a nice restaurant last night.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I went to grab my running shoes and discovered another pair of dress shoes.  I stood stunned for a minute in my running clothes, trying to process what to do next.  Eventually, I realized I had a day off.

I think this is the first time this has ever happen to me in 20+ years of travel as a grownup.

  • Jim

    I have done this before. I remember standing in a hotel in Florida trying to figure out how I could buy a pair of running shoes in the next 20 minutes before realizing it was impossible. Running shoes are the one thing that always screws up my efficient packing since I often like to bring a casual pair of shows in addition to dress shoes and running shoes. Packing two pair of shoes into a carry on makes for cramped space for my clothes.

  • rob

    I had a streak going for a while when I managed to forget to pack pants about every other trip I took. When I would get to the hotel and unpack for that 3 or 4 day stay, imagine my dumbfounded look when I realized what had happened. Get onto http://www.gap.com and order the khakis for overnight delivery. Once I got home, of course, there the pants were, sitting either nicely folded or on the hanger where I had left them after getting them out and ready to pack.

    This happened to me at least three times….fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. what the heck is it when i do this to myself three times?!?!

  • John

    What is the magic blue bag? Can you share your algorithm? I am always trying to find that perfect carry-on bag. Like Jim, I have trouble in my carry-on with shoes, the rest of it is easy. Size 13 Brooks “Beasts” are not helping matters. They simply don’t compress.

  • Would appreciate a hint on the bag, too. I’ve tried Samsonite and Tumi and am now tending towards Rimowa. They’re all suboptimal.

  • I have no clue where the bag came from. I stole it from my dad 20 years ago. About 10 years ago when it wore out (and was held together with duct tape) a new one magically appeared – apparently my mom had bought two of them. I’ve taken very good care of this one. I’m guessing it came from Target or Kmart.

  • I packed two left running shoes once! I ended up walking on the hotel treadmill in my socks.