I Love Colorado

If you’ve been following along at home, you know that Amy and I disconnect once a quarter for a week (we call this “Qx vacation.”)  Usually we go away – someplace warm when it’s cold in Colorado and someplace in Europe the rest of the time.  For Q2 vacation, we decided to hang out at our place in Keystone.


That’s the view from our living room.  I left the big 40’ pine trees in the picture just for perspective.  While we had a nice week, it was more of a “break” than an “off the grid disconnect.”  For some reason I had difficulty completely disconnecting (maybe it was because there were too many fun things going on in my world last week.)  I did get some amazing runs in – that little white dot below is me heading off into the mountains.


We also got to know our new Golden Retriever named Brooks.


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We’ve decided Keystone is a great place to take a break, but isn’t some place we can do Qx vacations.  Paris, Rome, and Barcelona – here we come.  That said, as I sit here on my chair in Keystone in a post run bliss while watching Nadal and Federer battle it out, I love Colorado.

  • Well, you weren’t completely off the grid. I got an out-of-the-office email auto-response from you a few days ago saying you were on vacation, and ten minutes later you replied to my email. 🙂 I don’t know about you, but one of the “fun things” (hopefully it was one of the “fun things”) you did last week changed my life!

  • Well said Brad. Today, my son and I took what was supposed to be a two hour trip to the mountains. We ended up driving the I70/470/285/Fairplay/Breck/I70 loop and arrived home about six hours later than planned. It was amazing.

  • I enjoy your blog, like Keystone and love skiing A-Basin. Saw you posted a dogster profile, I wanted to refer you to http://www.petsincommon.com, a startup seeking to build a portal around pet enthusiasm and owner interaction. Neither myself nor my firm are involved though the founders are my friends. worth a look, some unique layout and functionality, and, obviously, they are looking for capital!… Best, Cassel

  • As a CO native, I appreciate this post, Brad. It is good to get away, even from things you love. My wife and I just returned from San Diego – it was GREAT to get some surfing in La Jolla and Oceanside, but it is even better to be home in CO and back to our businesses!!!