I Don’t Want to Be Normal

My buddy Ben Casnocha had his book My Start-Up Life: What a (Very) Young CEO Learned on His Journey Through Silicon Valley reviewed in the NY Times today by Harry Hurt III.  Ben told me about this last week and is justifiably excited.

One of my favorite lines from Ben is “I don’t want to be normal.  I want to be something else.”  Hurt picks it as the theme of his review and does a great job capturing the essence of the book.

I’ve never wanted to be normal either and I love having friends who aren’t.

  • I know how Ben feels. I’ve spent the last year working super hard on my final year of Uni. Most of my time was focused on getting to grips with web technology, business, and meeting with entrepreneurs in the industry.

    Unfortunately, my housemates didn’t really understand why I enjoyed spending my time the way I did. All they knew is that I spent a lot of time on my computer, and got paid to meet with business people in London.

    I’ve got a feeling that you get an easier time when your peers have tried generating an income in the big wide world, then they’ll understand why you want to make the most of your life by using spare time for self improvement, instead of just giving it to the television. Most of the people I know want to avoid getting ‘jobs’. I want to make my own.

  • I just finished Ben’s book and it was a great read. I totally agree with these sentiments — normal is boring.

    By definition, it’s not normal to be exceptional.

  • Judy

    C’mon. We know you contributed to the book, but it just isn’t all that great (with the exception of your contribution of course :). Did the Times review actually finally push the sales into the top 1000 on Amazon?

  • Judy – I disagree with you. I think it’s a superb book. My contribution is a short essay (two pages) which I hope is useful, but doubt is anywhere as near as helpful / interesting as the overall book.

  • It is a good book. I am glad to see a young person (anyone) apply what he has learned the way he is. Because he is not normal, I am very excited to interview Ben on my new radio show called Startup Story Radio. Live on 630KHOW in Denver on July 14th at 5:30P MTN. Will stream live and archive for those out of CO. http://www.startupstoryradio.com

  • I’m still waiting to meet “normal”. I haven’t as yet. I’ve never met a normal person, normal business, normal family or normal anything. Normal may just be a compilation or the average of what we would all like to be, but when you really climb into people, families, and businesses, not a single one ever fits any component of “normal”. Every persons perspective is their “normal” or not normal to them, but, ok I’m rambling. I think you get the point.