Happy Anniversary Baby

Amy and I have been married for 14 years today.  On June 21st, I always have the Little River Band song in echoing in my head all day and a larger than normal jump in my step.

For those of you mix summer solstice with a dollop of marriage, happy anniversary.

To Amy – thanks for an awesome 14 years.  I’m looking forward to at least 103 more.  I’ll see you tonight.

  • Brad,
    Happy anniversary and congrats on 14 years! Time flies when you are having fun 🙂


  • Happy Anniversary Brad! Solstice is a wonderful day to get married, and one of my favorite days. Congratulations to you and Amy!

  • Ben

    Congrats Brad! 14 years is an awesome accomplishment. Here’s to hoping for the best for both of you in the 103 years to come!

  • Congratulations Brad and Amy…enjoy your day!

  • Funny,

    I have maybe 6 or 7 blogs I follow consistently and because I read both your blog and Fred Wilson, and this will be my second congratulations in as many days!


  • david

    Congratulations . . .
    – david

  • Congrats on 14 years. I am entering a phase where a lot of my friends are just starting to get married, so there will be many years before I can congratulate some one with over a decade of blissful happiness.

  • Congrats Brad! Looks like you got married on my 1 year anniversary. We hit 15 this year on the 21st.


  • terri

    Hi Brad. i was looking on line to see if i could find that song by the Little River Band. i have that running through my mind today also. my husband and i have been Married 33 years today and are as happy as ever! congrats to you and your wife.