Facebook Groups

Unless you’ve been on vacation and off the grid for the last two months, you’ve probably noticed the explosive growth with Facebook with a new and exciting demographic – all the web / tech nerds that previously weren’t using Facebook.  I went to my Facebook account this morning to try to figure out when I originally created an account and can’t remember, but there’s been a rapid growth in my friends since the Facebook F8 platform launch.

I’ve gone from checking my Facebook account once a week to once a day.  I still haven’t clicked on any of the ads, but I’ll assume that a lot of the advertising is CPM-based instead of CPC-based which means they are making more money off of me at this point.

In addition to my account (feel free to friend me if you are a Feld Thoughts reader), please join the Feld Thoughts group.  If you read AsktheVC, please join the AsktheVC group.  And – if you are interested in the Implicit Web and/or the upcoming Defrag conference, join the Implicit Web group.

As a special bonus feature, I’ve been twittering for a while as part of my socialogical experiment to see how much boring content I can generate for The Internets.  I’m now looking for a crack programmer to write a quick script that generates random twitters off of a pre-canned database of commentary that I create.

Yes – it’s all fascinating, at least to me.

  • Mark

    I have been using XMPP based IM/collaboration via Soapbox (http://www.soapbox.net/facebook.aspx) for a while and notice today they have just introduced something for FaceBook (another Room application), but this one is secure.

  • Brad–I’ve joined a few groups on Facebook but haven’t yet gotten anything out of being part of one of these groups. Have you? Am I missing something???

  • @Mike: I haven’t either. I’m still searching for the real value.

  • Alison Chandler

    I created a group that does real things. At minimum it tells about the events that AAAS is holding. But you can’t add the apps to extend the functionality, which is truly disappointing . . .