Everyone Has A Special Talent

Amy and I watched The Matrix Reloaded this weekend.  What a great movie.  I love The Keymaker (along with the The Merovingian and The Architect).  I commented to Amy this morning that she was an extraordinary list maker (she is truly the best maker of lists I have ever encountered) and we’ve decided that if Matrix Redux (aka Matrix IV) ever comes out, she’s going to apply for the part of The Listmaker.

  • Wikipedia says the The Architect is a fictional character, but I know better. 🙂

    Who could he be?

  • The Keymaker was great. Merovingian? Definitely a little sleazy, and possibly offensive French stereotype. (on second thought, I’ll leave it to someone French to get offended!)

    The orgasm potion was fun, can’t wait for that to come out. I’m still waiting for the hoverboard from Back to the Future II.

  • I should be clearer. I love The Merovingian “character” – I think he is the epitome of an arrogant prick and is played to perfection by Lambert Wilson.