Awesome Blogging From Marc Andreessen

What Fred said.  Marc Andreessen (co-founder of Netscape, Opsware, and Ning) has been blogging up a storm and it’s awesome.  His post from yesterday titled The Pmarca Guide to Startups, part 1: Why not to do a startup is just awesome. 

My other favorite posts include:

Wow.  Marc – keep them coming!

  • It’s absolutely great content, but when does the guy have the time for this? I mean he’s pouring out incredibly valuable posts at a fast clip and he’s running a startup – Ning that has to be absorbing his time. I’m doing a little consulting here and there and running two blogs, but I am not getting even close to the amount of high quality original content he is producing and I’m a pretty decent writer and fast at that.

  • Thank you for highlighting these excellent posts! For first-time entrepeneurs, I promise you will not be able to read the post “Why not to do a start-up” without laughing out loud!