Are You A Geek?

Via a member of my fraternity (ADP) at MIT, I discovered the geek test v.3.1 I scored 32.34714% rating me a “total geek.”  Yes – this was sent to me via a listserv.  My lack of affinity for all things Star Trek appears to have lowered my score.

  • 10.25641% – not sure if that’s good or bad… but being the first to post my score to the comments of an investor in the company I work for and having found this post using a piece of software that I wrote myself should count for something 🙂

  • Nick – that probably doubles your score!

  • 37.27811% / major geek here. I’m a bit concerned that I scored geekier than an MIT grad. I think in my case the history and food TV questions boosted me…

  • 39.44773…

    But I’m older and have had more time to nerd.

    Cost me that I’m watching the Mets at the moment. Not fair, of course, since I am watching on

  • 19%, but Kate thinks I should get extra points for taking the test while watching “Pride & Prejudice”.

  • Doug

    I got 18.54043% – Geek. I’m not that much of a geek. 😛

  • As a female geek I got bonus points – but still major geek – 39.9 Scored lower because I’m not a major gamer.

    Thanks – that was fun (which opinion is one reason why my score is so high)

  • Ross Carlson

    Well I guess so far I’m the king geek around here, not suprising 🙂

    I got a 53.42134% so I guess I’m pretty bad, huh? I have to admit my Star Trek knowledge helped me quite a bit!

  • Amish Lalani

    I couldn’t get myself to go all the way with the test – wow that was long. I guess I admitted geekdom half way. For the rest, hmmm – you guys do have a lot of time, care to help creating some real world geeky stuff ?

  • Martha

    Wow… I’m closer to a “Geek” than just “Geek Tendencies” – what a surprise for me! Maybe it has to do with being related (by marriage only, of course) to a “Total Geek”?? That’s ok, Brad, I still love you dearly!! Makes me wonder what my dear sister, Amy, scored!

  • Steve Zweig

    Darn — only 24.65% geek. Just missed total geek by one point. I will study more…

  • Anita

    45.36489% – Super Geek
    Seriously, I knew I was kinda nerdy but a SUPER GEEK wow…
    My Geeky highlights:

    • First, So excited to take the test and post my score
    • I made a killing on all the movies, TV shows, books, sci-fi authors!
    • I’m sure my “Talk nerdy to me” t-shirt got me at least 1 full point
    • And the two or more watch question, well so it was the 80’s and two or more SWATCHES were cool! I clicked the box anyway!
  • 43.78%, which should rank me as major geek, but given that I referred to myself as a Tech SuperFreak at TechStars this week, that has to put me into super geek-hood right there, yeah?