The Pigsty at LaGuardia Gate B6

I just hit my airport tipping point for 2007.  I’m sitting in squalor at LaGuardia Gate B6 waiting for my Frontier flight home.  I guess Spirit controls these gates and no one seems to give a shit about anything here.  Everyone at LaGuardia was surly (boarding on intolerable) tonight.  Maybe it’s my Boston Red Sox jacket.

  • Derald

    50% of it is the jacket, 50% is Spirit. LOL.

  • Don

    LaGuardia is a sewer but a BoSox jacket? Definitely not helping your cause.

  • Martha

    Oh, it’s definitely the jacket!! It certainly isn’t your great personality, dear!!

  • Dan

    We need a picture!

  • MJ

    LGA is LGA. 🙂

  • Dan Drechsel

    I was there for the 1730. Totally Agree. Don’t understand why people can’t throw away their own trash.