Running With Bears

I was walking upstairs at 6am to go put my running clothes on and head out the door for an hour when Kenai started barking like crazy.  I inferred that we had a visitor and looked out the window.

Bear May 2007 004-1

That’s our driveway.  It’s 6:30am and I still haven’t left the house.  There’s nothing quite like living in the mountains.


  • Mat

    Eeek! I was thinking about bringing the family to Boulder in July with a view to checking out a company relocation. Maybe I’ll stick to London!! Nothing bigger than squirrels here…

  • Aw – come visit. It’s just a little bear.

  • It’s probably just another Web 2.0 geek wanting funding (which, come to think of it, may be just as scary).

  • Awesome.

  • very nice three-hundred pounder. My Ma in suburban Azusa (Eastern LA County) had one come lumbering down her street. It had a cub. Ma and cub took off towards the San Gabriel Rivere, disappeared for about four hours and were later seen galloping through back yards in Bradury, CA where they were being constantly buzzed by LA Newscopters. Bears are still very rarelt seen in Los Angeles County but they are making a comeback, which is nice to think about.

    Have a fun run

    Jim Forbes

  • Scary, yet beautiful.

  • Jeff

    Just a little black bear, nothing to be afraid of.

  • I had mama black bear and 3 cubs interrupt a run in northern wisconsin, once. Being alone in the woods with a bunch of bears is quite intimidating.

  • Martha

    Ask Amy if she remembers the brown bear we had in our garbage dump in Anchor Point… or how ’bout the one at the goldmine!!

    Great picture… did you venture outside to take it?

  • Kris

    Holy Crap Brad, I thought our gators here in FL were bad! Is that Homer or Boulder?

  • Boulder!

  • It’s mating season and he is faster than you ;>)

  • dunno, you probably would’ve PR’d

  • Billie Gutgsell

    This big boy came to town just in time for Sinapu’s Boulder Cares about Lions and Bears week. Wednesday night the 23rd is our Black Bear Expert Night at the Chautauqua Community House starting at 6:30pm. The presentations are by Darrin Masters, black bear biologist and Linda Masterson, author of “Living with Bears.”Please join us!! See our website for details.