My Start-Up Life Ships

Over the last few years Amy and I have become close friends with Ben Casnocha.  We adore the guy.  Ben started his first company – Comcate – at age 14.  As of today (age 19), he’s now a published author as his first book – My Start-Up Life: What a (Very) Young CEO Learned on His Journey Through Silicon Valley – is officially available. 

As an early reader / reviewer of the book, I highly recommend it.  The story is oriented around Ben’s experiences as a teenager trying to deal with the pressures of both teenage and adult “business / entrepreneurship” life simultaneously.  He does a magnificent job of articulating the characteristics of a startup without being preachy and weaves in a number of vignettes from experienced friends and colleagues.  It is simultaneously personal, educational, and emotionally deep.

If you are an aspiring (or existing) entrepreneur, My Start-Up Life is required reading.  If you are a TechStars entrepreneur, Ben will be out in Boulder in June – pick up a copy so you can pepper him with questions

In addition to recommending that you buy the book right now, Ben and I are going to do a giveaway on this blog of an autographed copy of the book to the commenter who has the best haiku with the word “start-up” in it.  Join in the fun – now!

  • IM

    everything we do
    should be a startup
    unless its endup
    the spirit
    last lifelong
    let’s blog it
    let’s bookmark it
    the “Life of startup”

  • Startups are such fun
    Passionate and scary
    Building something great

  • Kris

    Startup tech co now
    Much work, coffee, little sleep
    Sell To Yahoo! soon!

  • Startups bud in spring,
    Which bloom bears the sweetest fruit?
    Feld tends the garden…

  • start-up with no fund
    credit card entrepreneur
    how much percent now?

    sweet, web 2.0
    my Google focused start-up
    cute bubble logo


  • Jonathan

    I loved my startup
    1 founder, 3 engineers
    Before the suits came

  • Dream; then iterate.
    Skirt startup loons who hoot

  • whoops! I nearly DQ’d on syllables. Correction follows:

    Dream; then iterate.
    Skirt startup worn loons who hoot


  • escape through startup
    create own cube life

  • So many start-ups
    One designed Guitar Hero
    Is that a strat-up?

  • Mary Beth

    Feld recommends it?
    Did not he contribute too?
    Start-up disclosure.

  • Vada

    ingenious start-up
    will put rats out of business
    highest art upends

  • for entrepreneurs:

    startups, like parents,
    get heaps of good, bad advice.
    which bits to ignore?

    for investors:

    pile of startup plans
    first step is to throw out half…
    no unlucky ones!

  • Our start-up speeds up
    Slow down, dig deep, run harder
    Earn ev’ry success!

  • The start-up awakes,
    endless possibilities
    converge into one

  • A revised, and hopefully better version of my earlier entry…

    Start-up exciting
    Passionate and scary
    Building something great

  • One last revision (I promise); I didn’t have enough syllables in the second line.

    Start-up exciting
    Passionate, often scary
    Building something great

  • another startup plan
    a better mouse trap?
    or a load of crap

    i just couldn’t resist that one. and I want the book.

  • David


  • Here’s one I couldn’t resist sharing:

    Jack Bauer start-up
    damnit damnit damnit damn
    it damnit damnit

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