I love my iPod Nano.  I hate iTunes.  It’s like the two things exist in this parallel universe of good and bad.  I suppose one explanation is that one is hardware and the other is software, but that’s not really valid as the second best part of the Nano is software.  It could also be that I use Vista instead of OSX.  But then that would be a conspiracy theory.

This is the second day in a row that I thought I had the podcasts on my Nano that I’d downloaded into iTunes.  I even thought I’d tested things this morning.  Voila – they were there – but they didn’t work.  And I’d like to think I’m good at this stuff.

I really wanted the Zune to be good.  As a runner there is no comparison – you almost need a backpack to carry the Zune around while the Nano fits – well – pretty much anywhere.

  • rick

    iTunes sucks.

    Also, iPods suck for books. Can’t fast forward from chapter to chapter.

  • Have you tried out SongBird as an iTunes replacement?

  • Microsoft has only delivered the first product in the Zune family, and everyone expects them to come out with a flash player in the near future. If you can hold out a little longer, there will be some competition I think. Getting a Zune Pass changed how I listen to music and though it isn’t for everyone, I won’t be buying any new CDs except from bands that aren’t published yet.

  • Your inner conspiracy theorist is correct. It’s not iTunes but iTunes for windows that sucks. Just as office sucks more for OS X. That said, why are you on a PC again?

    Are you using the NIKE+iPod? Either way, my column in the Colorado Daily should be published today (monday). I’m field testing the NIKE attachment. The column is Tehcnofabulous, and I think its print (not online) only.

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  • I wonder if this vaguely Zune-oriented idea I had a while ago might be worth a second look in some future revision:

  • Brad… Terry’s must be right about Windoze conspiracies. Those badboy podcasts from David Cohen, Terry Gross, Harvard BizReview, Sci American just show up magically on my Nano. It must happen when I connect it to my Mac, but I don’t even remember any more 😉 Just the way technology is s’posed to work.

    Time for you to get an Intel Mac. Cleanest Windows install I ever had was on my MacBook Pro. It even bridges to my Mac Internet connections so it doesn’t scream “your passing a sandwich shop with WiFI… wouldn’t you rather connect here?” every 3.5 minutes.

    Then you can do your “serious stuff” on Windows and let your creative side flair on the Mac.


  • Rich Weissmark

    I couldn’t agree with you more about your thoughts on iTunes. It’s terrible. I haven’t found anything exceptional but I’m getting by with WMP 11 and the dopisp plug-in which allows me to sync my iPod with WMP. Check it out free for 30 days –

    I have high hopes for Songbird but they have a long way to go.


  • Brad, check out J. River Media Center ( I’ve been using it as an iTunes replacement for years. I haven’t done much with podcasts, although it’s supposed to handle them well. It does music as well as anything and has very nice integration with Audible for books. It also links up with all your other music/video devices. Not perfect, but pretty good.