A Sense of Humor

From a mug found in Fred Wilson’s office.


It’s important to have a sense of humor in this business (and in every business, and in life.)  The coffee was great.

  • bwyman

    Looks like a Keurig coffee maker. I got one for my staff last year during crunch time at the museum and can attest that the coffee is surprisingly good.

  • Paul

    Was the mug half-empty or half-full?

  • Paul – it was being refilled.

  • Mat

    Would that be a top-up round?

  • No longer available on Cafe Press…

  • what was the carry on the mug? Who was the visionary behind it? How much equity did the mug’s founder have at it’s end-of-life? What is the mug’s exit strategy?

    Jim Forbes

  • Jimbo

    Brad- This mug must refer to YOUR fund (Softbank, oops renamed Mobius, oops gone, now renamed again) that looks to be returning zippo. Funny everyone has scattered away and renamed themselves (you and your band, as well as Gary R). Perhaps you could sopend some time trying to get some of your investors money back on that bubble fund instead of fame from Blogging??? And what happened to the Mobius Venture Forums, last one was in 2005, the one you hosted?