Tim Wolters on Wallstrip

One of my favorite CTOs – Tim Wolters of Collective Intellect – is on Wallstrip today chatting with Lindsey. 


While I’d much rather there was less of Tim and more of Lindsey, I think Tim did a good job explaining what Collective Intellect does and why it’s useful to anyone that trades public stocks.  I’m an investor in Collective Intellect and have been nudging Tim and his partner Don Springer along on how to think about dealing with all the user-generated content in the world.  They’ve got it – and Tim is now actively participating in it – sort of.  Plus – he’s basically long on everything, which is an attribute that is helpful for all entrepreneurs.

  • Thanks for the mention Brad. It was a lot of fun doing. And I couldn’t agree with you more on the Lindsay comment. My forehead seems to grow and grow throughout the interview. As DK lovingly says to me, “dude, she makes you look ugly.” nice.