The Day 24 Got Boring

April 23, 2007.  Another 24 fanatic just came in my office and announced that to me.  Unfortunately I agree.  I watched it last night with Amy, Jason, David, and Jill and we all had that ho-hum look on our face when it ended.  Oh well – it’s rare that a show makes it six years anyway before it loses it.  At least GeekSugar has great pictures of Chloe.

  • There are weak episodes now and then – they haven’t given up the ghost just yet. My favorite line from last night was when somebody asked about keeping the “extra redundancies” that were in place.

    Oh, and the blondie is a spy – for sure.

  • Yea, I’m kinda with ya there. Except ya gotta love Nadia taking over and kicking ass.

    Quite frankly I’m amazed that I’m still amused by same formula which has been reapplied 6 years running.

  • You’re a little late on this, though I can’t really comment on the last two seasons — I could only handle so much “protocol” talk and recurring plot before I lost interest.

  • Bazily

    it’s called jumping the shark

  • Never watched the show but it’s been on my “if I ever have a ton of time on my hands I’ll watch this show on DVD” list – largely based on your discussion of it.

    But now, with this post, I’m not feeling even that…Lost just made a gain on the DVD list…

    The “jumping the shark” link is cool.

  • Wayne

    We’ve watched 24 from the beginning of season 1. However, we shut it off this year about six episodes into the season and haven’t regretted it. This year was just bad, and I don’t expect we’ll be back.

  • David Edwards

    I would love to know what moron was responsible for turning

  • They simply ran out of stuff to run it is just very painful to watch such a good show go absolutely bad now.