Boulder’s Many College Degrees

As I was turning the pages in the April 23, 2007 Forbes in the bathroom today, I came across The South Rises Again and a great map of the top metro areas in the US according to Forbes.  One of the rankings was based on college degrees (percentage of adult population with bachelor’s degree or higher.)  Boulder ranked at the top and the list of the top five was interesting.

  1. Boulder, CO: 52.3%
  2. Bethesda, MD: 50.2%
  3. Ann Arbor, MI: 48.1%
  4. San Francisco, CA: 43.5%
  5. Cambridge, MA: 43.4%

Having lived in Cambridge and having spent a lot of time in San Francisco, it intrigues me how much I’m attracted to these three places.  I guess I should go spend some time in Ann Arbor and see what I think.  Since I don’t work for the CIA, I think I’ll pass on Bethesda.

By the way, the national average is 23.1%.

  • sigma

    Bethesda? The CIA?

    I used to live in Bethesda. We lived on Battery Lane which is a short east-west road running west from Wisconsin Avenue and just south of the NIH campus. At time, there was a lot of computing there including companies of the hot stocks at the time, ‘time-sharing’. So, the HQ of GE Information Systems was there and also the HQ of Saul Steinberg’s time-sharing company. I worked at GE’s site and nearly joined Steinberg’s.

    There will be a lot of college graduates in Bethesda because of the NIH campus, how close the area is to major Federal offices to the north in Rockville and Gaithersburg and to the south in DC, and due to the high price of real estate.

    For the CIA, they are on the other side, the west side, of the Hudson River.

    Working through graduate school, at one point a military organization (can’t say which one of course) was desperate to know, in two weeks or else, how long the US SSBN fleet would survive under a special scenario of nuclear war limited to sea. You see, finding an SSBN at sea is difficult, and finding, attacking, and sinking all of them at once is much more difficult (and an enemy absolutely positively would NOT want to sink just one), but if there was a scenario of ‘extended attrition’ where the SSBNs could be found and attacked one at a time, then maybe they might not last very long? Hmm …. How to solve that? Ah, some mathematics, some old, some new, and some software. Delivered results on time. That was IMPORTANT because for the day after the deadline my wife had already scheduled a vacation for us at Shenandoah.

    My work was later sold to a leading US intelligence agency. “I could tell you who bought it, but then I’d have to ….”

  • sigma

    Errata: Potomac River instead of Hudson River.

  • Jason

    You’d love Ann Arbor. It’s a lot like Boulder, but with much worse weather.

  • Rinvelt

    What are you talking about, right now Ann Arbor weather is perfect ?

    Live/work in Ann Arbor and love it, great place to raise kids. Right now the economy is in reboot mode which is fun.

    Would be interesting to see cost of living vs ranking.

  • Having moved from San Francisco > Berkeley > Boston > Cambridge > Boulder over the past 10 years, I fall into a similar pattern.

    Interesting to note that Berkeley, Cambridge, and Boulder all have the “People’s Republic of…” nickname going for them as well.