Boulder OpenCoffee Club

Earlier this year Saul Klein sent me an email about an idea he had to create a meeting spot for entrepreneurs and VCs in a community to get together on a regular basis.  Saul’s idea was that this would be like a “Coffee Club” – same location and time on a weekly / bi-weekly basis.  I responded that I thought it was a cool idea and my partner Jason decided to help set one up in Boulder.  Saul subsequently launched OpenCoffee Club which is sprouting up in a bunch of cities around the world.

Saul’s vision was simple: “the key is a regular place and a regular time – it’s not important who comes along, some days it might be no one – just that people know if they want to meet, this is the time and this is the place.”

So – the Boulder OpenCoffee Club’s regular place is Amante Coffee at 1035 Walnut St, Boulder, CO 80302 and the regular time is every other Tuesday starting April 10 from 8am to 9:30am.  If you are interested, sign up on the Upcoming site.  Also – join the OpenCoffee Club Boulder social network.

Looking forward to seeing you sometime.


  • We have something similar down here in Raleigh area called RTP 2.0. It’s a bit different in that the venue changes and there isn’t any set frequency. It has its own beauty – the first meeting I attended happened to be in a local venture firm’s boardroom.

    I’ll definitely be starting this at my school next year. Just a place for entrepreneur-minded folks to meet up and chat over coffee, same place same time every week.


  • Brad,

    Not to cause trouble but, what if I drive from San Francisco to attend the Boulder Open CoffeeClub and nobody shows up? You’d think a basic RSVP system (think Regonline) would be in order……


  • Mat

    I’ve been going along to the London OpenCoffee club since the first one and it really is a great format. Interesting people and very informal.

    I’ll be in Boulder at the end of July, so hope to see you there!!