Springtime In Boulder

Finally.  We had an amazingly wonderful normal weekend in Boulder – sunny, 50 degrees, a little snow hanging around, especially in the mountains.  Notwithstanding the daylight savings nonsense (which is irrelevant to me since I wake up while it’s still dark outside and I use Vista now), it’s beautiful here once again now that the White Witch of Narnia has apparently been defeated.


Of course, Amy just reminded me that March and April typically bring major spring storms.  Fortunately I’m on the road most of the next two months.  Wait, what am I saying?

  • I’ve been to Boulder three times in March. Each time the temp reaches 70 one day and snows the next.

    And each time I wonder why I live in Wisconsin.

  • Martha

    Wait – what are you saying?? Perhaps that Amy will either have to fire up the plow truck or be at the Keystone house and not have to worry about plowing the driveway??? Safe travels….

  • Dave

    Daylight savings time: what’s really funny is that most people will just change the time in their computers, and then when the ORIGINAL DST date comes up, it will be wrong AGAIN.