Rally Wins the Jolt Award – Again

In a shameless plug for my portfolio company Rally Software, they have once again won the “Oscar equivalent” for their industry segment – the Jolt Excellence Award in the Project Management Category.

I’m not a big “award guy”, but even this one had me chanting “threepeat” since it’s highly unusual to win a Jolt award two years in a row.

Rally is the market leader in providing agile software development tooling.  If you write software for a living and either are using (or want to use) an agile methodology, take a look at Rally’s products.  If you are still programming in Cobol using the waterfall methodology, well, eh – never mind.

  • me

    The *IDEA* of Rally is great. Unfortunately, the implementation of Rally lacks. They need a designer/usability specialist SO BADLY. Their UI just doesn’t cut it!

  • One of my proudest moments as a PM was when I accepted the Jolt “Hall of Fame” award back at the start of 2005 for InstallShield. Congrats to Rally.