Guitar Hero Freebird

There was much Guitar Hero playing last night.  Those who were there know who they are and should now bow before a real master.  475,402 and a 425 note streak (hang in there until minute 7 if you want to see some amazing stuff.)

I bet this dude is really good at Tempest.  Of course, I’m not the master – I’m frustratingly stuck on medium and still get excited when I break 50,000.  Yeah – I know it’s kind of weird to be watching Youtube videos of people playing Guiter Hero – Alex and Eran are giggling.

  • If you are a Rush fan, this rendition of YYZ is stellar. 98% of notes hit.

  • Nice…

  • I don’t know what’s more pathetic, you for watching videos of people playing Guitar Hero, a game you’re into and play yourself, or me for actually watching the video here mesmerized by this game that I’ve never played nor have any idea of how it works and being impressed by what I’m seeing 😉 I’m guessing there’s definitely some skill involved to do what I was watching here. I need to get a life 🙂

  • Bruce Wyman

    “You Rock” at the end seems like a bit of an understatement.

  • P-Air – now that Seth’s in the Bay Area, get your butt over there and play. It’s tons of fun.

    Brad – don’t feel too bad about being stuck on medium. I can five-star almost everything on medium and I’m still having a lot of trouble making the jump to hard, it’s a big difficulty ramp-up.

  • Andrew

    My little cousin (13 yrs-old) is a great guitar player and after about about a week (many hours) of playing this game he pretty much mastered it like this person.

    It’s an amazing concept but if you could hook in a real guitar it would be so much better. If kids spend time with a real guitar like they do with this game they would be really great.

  • That video does not hold a candle to this one GH2, 8 year old kid five starring psychobilly freakout on Expert:

    This is an INCREDIBLY difficult song. I can’t even do it on hard 🙁

  • Jeff Rodanski

    I think Brad should create his own YouTube video playing Guitar Hero