Got a Blackberry? Get NewsGator Go!

If you’ve got a Blackberry, you can now get your RSS feeds on it via NewsGator Go! for Blackberry.  There’s also a new version of NewsGator Go! for Java that joins NewsGator Go! for Windows Mobile.  Get your feeds, anywhere, anytime.  All automagically synced wherever you are for your reading pleasure.

  • Dave

    Now you *never* have to be alone with your thoughts!

  • Alex

    I’ve been waiting for Go! for some time now: the beta version was too glitchy on my 8100, but the trial version I downloaded yesterday works great and after a few hours playing around with it, I am thoroughly impressed with the product.

    I am confused about one thing. I’ve been using NetNewsWire for a couple of years. A $15 discount is offered on Go! if you bundle it with one of the desktop programs, but I can’t figure out if that only applies to new customers. Any ideas?

  • I have a blackberry pearl and I use Bloglines Mobile, which provides me with all my feeds, marks the ones I view as viewed, and best of all it’s free. What does Newsgator Go! offer over Bloglines Mobile to justify the $30 price?

    I’m not knocking Newsgator, I used to use it and it was great. But I switched to bloglines because it worked so well with my blackberry.

  • Casey

    I am looking at the Feedburner site and I don’t see a mobile client for Palm smartphones. Am I missing something? This sounds like a great product!

  • One of the main value propositions that NewsGator Go! provides lies in the synchronization engine that keeps all your NewsGator clients in sync. NewsGator Go! is designed to be an extension of your RSS reading habits. The ability to consume your content in the browser or on your desktop and then while you are out and about with all the states (read states, flag states, bookmarked states, etc) in sync is a tremendous value add.

    With a web based mobile reader you can keep your view states in sync, but with a mobile client the user experience is greatly enhanced and much richer. You can cache content, you can consume media (coming to Go! soon), you can email from the device, you can leverage the device’s data store, you can leverage the device

  • Dave, on top of the current $15 off deal, we offer a $10 coupon for folks who have purchased a NewsGator product in the last 6 months. The promo code is in your confirmation email. For those folks, who may have lost that email, send a note to support at newsgator dot com and we can get you hooked up.

    Dave, in your case you are outside the 6 month window, but since you are a reader of Brad’s blog and we love Brad, I can get you a $10 credit 🙂

    Just shoot me an email if that interests you. kevinc at newsgator dot com

  • Bill, you’ll want to take a look at But, unfortunately, we do not currently support Palm. A native Palm app is in the works so stay tuned for that!

  • Kevin
    Does it support BB 7290?

  • Go! should wok like a champ on the 7290! Definitely, give the trial version a look and I am sure it will greatly enhance your RSS experience and let me know if you have any questions.