Fear of Failure’s Impact on Success

Jason Wood has an interesting post up titled Failure: Can fearing it impede professional greatness?  It’s consistent with the title of his blog (The Ponderings of Woodrow) – really good ponderings on failure here.

  • David

    How relevent is it to have insight on quitting a “mid seven-figure” job and its stability? I believe the ability to have an enourmous cusion from that kind of career makes the decision one that probably doesn’t have the same fear of failure and the financial consequences as others do.

    Maybe that blog is for people in a different stratosphere than almost anyone?

  • Hi David,

    Certainly my friend has done well for himself financially, but hopefully you’ll recognize that that was but one of the facets of the conversation.

    An 18-year old with a good idea and two dollars to his name could be characterized as having “nothing to lose” so why not take a risk? He or she probably wouldn’t have the responsibility of providing for a spouse and other dependents, nor would they have developed a set of debts and expectations that life brings with time.

    On the other hand, a venture capitalist (a great many of whom make mid seven figures incidentally) in many cases does have a wife, kids as well as a fiduciary responsibility to his partners and investors; it would be perfectly reasonable to expect such a person to not want to “risk much” but in essence they have to be willing to risk quite a bit to reach the pinnacle of their career path.

    Just food for thought, but thanks for taking the time to comment.