Venture Capital Outlook 2007

The MIT Enterprise Forum has an annual program called Venture Capital Outlook.  If you are in Colorado, you can see a 40 minute digital presentation of this from MIT/Cambridge and a panel of Boston-area VC’s followed by a live panel of Colorado VCs discussing the same questions, namely the trends from 2006 and what they see happening in 2007.

The Colorado–based VCs (in the flesh rather than digitally rendered) are:

  • Jason Mendelson, Mobius Venture Capital
  • Catharine Merigold, Vista Ventures
  • Kyle Lefkoff, Boulder Ventures
  • Chris Scoggins, Sequel Venture Partners

If you are interested, you can register online.  The coordinates for the event follow.

Date:  Wednesday February 28

Time:  5:30-7:30pm (doors open at 5pm for networking)

   The Main Auditorium, ATLAS Building
   CU Boulder Campus
   18th Street and Euclid
   Boulder, CO  80302

   $25 General Admission
   $15 MIT Alumni Club & Ivy League Club Members (and their guests)
   $20 MIT Graduates & CTEK, CIK, CSIA, DTP, TiE, YEO (and their guests)
   $10 (cheap) for CU/DU/CSU MBA or Law students

  • Can you register and pay to watch video online of presentation?

  • Hey Daniel,

    I’m the MIT geek that is coordinating the Enterprise Forum. Two answers:

    The Boston portion of the presentation will be online and available for free in a couple of weeks. You will be able to access it (and previous E-Forums) at:

    For the local, live VC panel, I am talking with David Cohen and with permission of the panelists, we will provide a podcast for free, probably a week to 10 days after the event on Feb 28. We’ll announce it on David’s Colorado Startups blog when it is available. Also, I’ll see if Brad can mention it as well.

    The MIT Enterprise Forum is an outreach from MIT to the entrepreneurial community so our intention is to dissimenate useful and timely information at little or no cost. At the live forum itself, we charge a few bucks to cover the venue, satellite fees (when we have a live feed), etc and hope the hanging with live people is still worth some salt.

    So, we hope to see you at the live event. If not, we’ll try to have all the content available for free within 2 weeks.


    Jim Pollock, MIT ’77

  • As Jim pointed out, I do plan to podcast the local segment and make it available. Let me know if you want audio or video – it’s up in the air right now which I’ll do.

  • David,

    Video would be cool, but I would be okay with audio too. Awesome, I appreciate it.