Minus 3.  By the time I got to Keystone it was minus 8.  Colorado is having a sucky winter.


At least I’m home.

  • PRoales

    And speeding?

    First confession/conviction by blog posting coming up?

  • Speeding? I was on the highway – speed limit 65. That looks like 66 or 67 to me – I guess that “qualifies” but I’d argue there’s no way my speedometer is calibrated correctly (e.g. +/- 2 easily.)

  • 🙂 It’s been 50 degrees and sunny here in Homer! We’ve been having spring all week long…even green grass is beginning to appear in our lawn. Not too bad for Alaska.

  • Bruce Wyman

    Record low temp at DIA this morning at 4.44a — 18 degrees below zero. Even by my standards, perhaps a touch on the cool side.

    Turns out that January was the 8th coldest and 8th snowiest on record. I’ve been loving it.

  • Martha

    Wow…. it was -11 when I woke up for work yesterday, and “only” -5 by the time I actually got to work at 7:15.

    By the way – that’s not speeding, Brad… unless of course you’re going through the canyon right before Glenwood Springs. Those cops will nail you in a heartbeat for doing that much over the posted speed. Trust me, I speak from experience!!!

  • Brad, my friend, what are you doing taking a picture of your instrument console while driving 67 MPH down the highway? I know you like to do three or four things at once, but please be careful.

    BTW, 30 degrees and sunny in Boston


  • At least I wasn’t talking on my phone at the same time. But – yes – it was snowing. It got up to 24 degrees today in Keystone – yippee – spring!