The Quiet Room

Air travel generally sucks these days.  It starts when TSA tells you that you cannot have your toothbrush in the same ziplock bag as your toothpaste (liquids only in the quart bag Mr. Traveler), continues on the filthy plane (thanks for the nice smelling oder killer thing in the bathroom, but did you notice that the sink doesn’t look like it has been washed in a year), and finishes as you sit in the airport during yet another weather or mechanical delay.


Really – I’m just trying to get to Harrisburg (originally from Las Vegas this morning.)  There’s nothing quiet like a four hour weather delay.  Thankfully, I found an amazing spot at O’Hare to hang out at.  The Terminal C Red Carpet Club has a “Quiet Room.”  It’s a huge comfortable room with a cell phone ban.  I’m the only person here – since I have several more hours before my flight, I just counted the seats (about 80 of them) – and I’m the only dude here.  Delightful – better than a library.

  • A cell-phone ban… a bright idea. I cringe every time I hear someone mention the possibility that the FAA will allow cell phones on planes. Can you imagine sitting next to someone cross-country whilst they have a conversation on their blue-tooth headset … Get me to the red carpet club in the sky! ASAP!

  • A cell phone ban!!! Tremendous. My last flight (this time to Argentina) started off in the Delta Crown Room with some of the most obnoxious cell phone discussion I’ve ever had to endure in an airport. I’d love to have a cell phone free area to work in when traveling and hope that Delta gets on board with United on this matter.

  • I’m not an elitist (just check my bank balances) but I do now have a Business Centurian Card…the Black Titanium one. The bottom line is that it costs a bunch of cash per year, but it affords one entry into most airport clubs and gives elite status on a few airlines immediately. There’s also a great travel service that responds well to the “Get me out of this Mav” command. It makes the unbearable nature of today’s travel a bit more acceptable. Worth every penny.

  • I have observed an almost universal correlation between the loudness of the cell phone talker and the insipidness of their end of the conversation. Seldom are you more embarassed for people than when you hear them speaking loudly on a cell phone. You *never* hear somebody speaking loudly on a cell phone saying anything like “why didn’t my check to the animal shelter go through!?” or “Mommy is going to be home very soon so that she can read you a story before you have to go to bed”.

  • There’s a great hack to the liquids over 3oz (or whatever) ban I’ve found. Just don’t tell them. Want to take your 24oz Diet Mtn Dew on board with you? Just put it in your bag and don’t acknowledge the TSA agent that asks you if you have any liquids over 3oz with you.

    If they see it in the scanner and make you take it out then so be it. In my experience they never see it which is even more troublesome in its own right. In any case, let them throw away your money, er, toss it in the bin for you. Otherwise you can be on your way happily knowing you’re hard-earned taxes are paying for these idiotic policies.

  • Brad,

    One of my best friends (old CU Boulder buddy) owns Troegs Brewery in Harrisburg….if you get a chance, have one of their Trogenator brews.


  • I feel for you on that trip. I tried to find a flight from Denver to Aspen the other day and saw that I would have to fly to Utah….then Dallas and back to Denver on the way back. Needless to say, I am renting a car.