More on Failing

I haven’t written much on failure since December so I was delighted to see several really insightful posts on the benefits and chocolatey goodness of failing.  It started with Jeremy Liew’s (a partner at Lightspeed) post titled Failure IS an option.   James Hong (the cofounder of HOTorNOT) followed up with a post titled Do YOU have the balls to try? Part 1 and Robert Young finished it off with a guest column on GigaOm titled Bankruptcy: The Opportunity to FailJust remember – failure and success go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

  • They may go together like chocolate and peanut butter, but oftentimes failure tastes like shit and more shit. 😉

  • Right on!

    In my centernetworks interview I was asked “what do you think are some of the most important things that a startup needs to be successful?”

    An excerpt of my reply:
    I think, from an entrepreneur’s point-of-view: persistence. Given today’s market environment, failure is like part of success. It’s really hard to succeed without failing today.

    Complete interview:

    This goes back to the famouse Steve Jobs speech where he talks about going with your gut and trusting that the dots will connect sooner or later.


  • What

    Chocolate and peanut butter? I don’t get it.