Me.dium on the Scoble Show

One of my favorite new investments (ok – all my new investments are “my favorites”) – Me.dium – has a pair of video interviews up on the Scoble Show.  If you are interested, start with the demo – then go watch the interview with Robert Reich and Kimbal Musk.  Look for the Me.dium widget on my sidebar soon (oops – did I say that?)

  • I would like to be able to get more information about their product/service from their website without registering.

  • Hey Blake,

    Me.dium is still in private Beta, but there has been some good blog coverage if you’d like some more info. Check here:

    Or, you could shoot me an email with any questions.



  • Hi Blake,

    I have been using for the past week and have been extremely impressed at the viral implications of this service. Having a large friend network is huge plus in my opinion.

    You are just able to view surfing the web from the “clouds” you can collaborate w/ friends engage others that are looking at similar pages or surf in stealth mode. I am sure that the guys at me.dium. have more features that will be on the way like being able to see how many people are on at once like Skpye etc. or clustered in certain favorite areas etc.

    I think as an e-tailer this could be a great social interaction tool that would actually flip the “Live Chat” feature on a lot of sites in reverse giving users the power and the ability to talk w/ other consumers on that site. I think a white label version would be great as well.

    Great Job Me.dium!

  • Given that there seems to be a “flip the chat” potential here, would anyone like to talk about building voice based interactivity into this offer?

  • Good stuff Paul!

    I think that some chat features are employing a “click to call” feature already that would be really interesting. I think that there are some Open source opportunites that could be implemented.

    I have already used me.dium. service on a conference call w/ others and was extremely valuable tool.

  • Paul – or any other potential partners – feel to drop me a line on As Biz Dev for Me.dium, I’m always open to exploring great ideas like this one… Thanks.

  • Voice-based interactivity is certainly a potential here. Our first goal is to try and establish the Social Exploration Environment, after that the way you interact should be completely up to you. Voice, chat, video, whatever.

    If you want to try it out, here’s link that will auto-friend you to me in case you have any questions…

  • I’ve been testing the appl today, and reading whatever I can find on the web. I will be able to say more after Thursday (01-18-07).

    I think w/voice, chat, video this could work well.


    PS: Maybe next week, I can test it via Sprint Wireless & of course with webcam it’d be perfect!!

    And of course, live from the Kenai River in the summer would be fantastic!!

  • Bob Burgin

    Okay, I am a Me.dium investor and biased, but wanted to comment. My wife and I are planning a vacation with another couple and the ability to bounce around on the web together and look at rental homes around the world has been blast.

    Great work Me.dium team. Very fun!