I’m Done With Snap Also – At Least For Now

When Snap Preview came out, I tossed it up on both Feld Thoughts and AsktheVC the day I noticed it.  About a week ago it started to annoy me.  While it has shown up on plenty of blogs (Snap claims over 40,000 already), I just can’t figure out the value.  I noticed that Fred and Bijan both took it down, so I followed suit and just disabled it.  Maybe I’ll try again on their next iteration, but for now I’m Snap free.  In addition, in two weeks I’m going to put up another widget from one of my portfolio companies that is a lot cooler and I think they’d clash.

  • They definitely have a few bugs to work out. They have to be working on ways to make it less intrusive.

  • I don’t mind it since I can easily disable it for your site or all sites using their options in the popup.

  • Bjorn

    Great to have snap removed. To me it was quite annoying to have the small windows pop up and block the text just by accidentally moving the mouse over them.
    Looking forward to see what the new toy is…

  • Lal

    I’ve come across it more n more on blogs I visit.
    I’ve not used it (on sites I’ve visited) but often find it annoying when my mouse cursor meanders over it and it pops up (covering up what I’m trying 2 read) and then have 2 move mouse 2 get rid of it.

    As a techie guy I don’t c the value (as in clicking on link)