Howard Lindzon in Women’s Underwear

The latest episode of Wallstrip is priceless.  Lindsey Campbell discusses the titilating products that Limited Brands sells.  There’s a special guest appearance by Howard Lindzon (Wallstrip’s creator) at the end that’s a great example of crossover media. 

I’m enjoying being part of the angel syndicate here – I’m learning a lot and having a great laugh almost every day. Howard – you are hot.

  • A hot pear. With a waist wider than my shoulders, things are rather bleek.

    At least Lindsay looks extra slim next to me.

  • I’m glad to know Howard’s day job is still afloat, lest he take a stab at a modeling career.

  • sigma

    No, the Limited does well because Wexner has long known very well what he’s doing. When I was an MBA program prof in Columbus, I saw off and on just how well Wexner was doing. In central Ohio, tough to miss Wexner’s success.

    Once again, the idea that all the business success is on the coasts or is in computing is nonsense. Let’s see: FedEx, Wal-Mart, Berkshire, Limited, Wendy’s.

    For the video, the girl reading the text is by far the best looking on the clip! It did look like she had a bare left hand. Uh, she wouldn’t like to move up to being a wife and mother would she? Being a soccer-mom in a good SUV? If I were 20 years younger and $50 million richer, then …!