Denali – RIP

Our beloved dog Denali died on 12/22/06 at 11:20pm.  I’ve written the story up on Denali’s page at Dogster.



We got Denali when he was about six weeks old – he came to live with us about a month after we moved to Boulder.  He was an incredible dog – beautiful, smart, happy, and loved by everyone.


We’ll miss you Denali.  Enjoy your stay in the big treat yard in the sky.

  • Sorry about Denali, Brad. It is great that you appreciated him so.

  • Beautiful dog. my jackson is now 8 and we got him at 6 weeks as well. i know how you must feel. sorry.

  • Sorry to hear of your loss. I have 2 Golden Retrievers and understand how the breeds hearts and playfulness will be missed.

  • Jeff Rodanski

    Sorry to hear about Denali Brad. Im sure he will have fun up in Doggy Heaven.

  • I know how hard that is. And, as a fellow golden retreiver owner, I offer my heartfelt condolences.

  • Sorry to hear about Denali Brad. Dogs have no notion of their ultimate mortality, however i have found that that knowledge and associated stress just transfers to their owners. Like an important person in your life, it can be life altering for a good bit.

  • Sorry to hear that my friend.

  • I am so sorry to hear of Denali’s passing. I hope your Holidays went well, otherwise.

  • Losing a pet sucks. Especially a golden.

  • epc

    Sorry to read about Denali. That picture of him and Kenai from August (“Golden Retriever Eyes”) was wonderful.

  • It’s hard to describe the bond one has with dogs who are part of the family. My dog, Feste, is eight and recently a (now) four-month old sweetheart named Kate moved in (there’s a link on Feste’s page). I am so sorry for your loss, but am glad he had such a great home and was able to bring such joy to it — and that you shared it with us.

  • Brad, you and Amy have my deepest sympathies. 🙁

  • Brad, I’m so sorry to hear of your dog’s passing. My wife and I have twice been through a similar loss, and it was like losing a family member.

  • Joseph Hentz

    my condolences, being a dog lover (ella) i can begin to understand the loss.

  • Brad – sorry to hear the news. Dogs are family members, no doubt 🙁

  • Sorry to hear the news, Brad. I’m sure Denali is happy now and had a happy life before passing.

  • Martha

    Amy & Brad~

    I’m so glad I got to spend so much time with Denali (also being a surrogate parent). I have so many wonderful memories of him. He was a grand gentleman. I’m sad that he’s gone, but know he’s having a wonderful time in the Big Treat Yard.

  • sigma

    Denali looks like he was a TERRIFIC dog. Sorry you lost him.

    Such things happen: We had a sweet kitty cat who kept getting sick and eventually died at the vet’s office from some unknown cause. Another kitty cat had his kidneys fail and died at the vet’s office. Another kitty cat got a tumor on her esophagus and couldn’t swallow food; I let her die at home. Present kitty cat Pollux is doing GREAT.

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  • Wendy

    Denail was, and always will be a part of my heart. I was lucky enough to know him for the past 8 years and feel blessed to have been a small part of his life. I will miss him –

    I hope that you and Amy are doing well.


  • Dick Costolo

    Ah I hate to hear this – I hope you and Amy and Kenai are hanging in there.

    That’s an awesome picture of Denali in the snow. You look at that picture and you think, ‘dogs rule’.

  • Sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Denali. Having been a dog owner my pretty much my whole life, I can relate to the pain of the loss of such a member of the family. Hope soon your memories of Denali will make you smile instead of sad.

  • Raj

    Sorry to hear about your loss. We know and understand your pain.

    We have a “child” that we think is nearing her ultimate fate as well. She’s almost 12 years old, but just started showing the signs of old age this week. She doesn’t come to the door anymore when people come home. She hasn’t been eating much and she’s generally remaining a little isolated.

    We lost another old friend a couple of years back. It’s one of the most saddening experiences to watch them age.

  • Daniel Burgin

    So sorry to hear that Brad. I love dogs. My big guy Kane is 90 lbs of adorable gentle love. He’s entering his geriatric stages now – and I can’t imagine how sad losing him is going to make me.

  • Sorry to hear that Brad. The one thing that you can always be sure of is that Denali lived in one of the best dog-cities in the country.


  • jeffery hoggins

    my dog died so i wee’d on it