Combat Fishing

Following is an exchange I had with a friend and someone I like to co-invest with.

Me: You’ve been awfully quiet lately.  Is everything ok?  Just checking in and saying hi.

Friend: Thanks for checking in. Yes, all is well. Just busy with an office move, some projects at home and work with my companies. I am expanding beyond web 2.0 as an investment strategy so spending time with peeps outside of our traditional network. Will tell all about it during our next dinner.

Me: Sounds cool.  Glad you are starting to fish in a new pond now that this one is starting to feel like a river at peak salmon season with everyone wall to wall doing some combat fishing,

Friend: I have been up river for almost 3 months, fishing with a shell launcher shotgun and an ice barbed spear.

When the river that you have been fishing in for a while becomes the popular place for everyone to hang out and fish, it’s often time to go find a new river (or at least a new spot on the river) that doesn’t have anyone around.

  • Brad- I was not sure how to trackback on your blog, so am commenting instead. While I think your fishing analogy is fine maybe for VC’s because your investments have to be so far out of the market, for StillSecure for example, this does not hold true always. Instead, our task is much more difficult, we have to scout and find the next new fishing spot, while at the same time pulling as much fish out of the crowded river as we can, as fast as we can.

    The river is usually crowded because there is a lot of fish there and the investment in making that fishing hole in what is now the crowded part has to pay off.

    I have written more on this at my blog:

  • I’m still hoping that you’ll head upstream a bit, and get into the software that will make renewable fuel technologies and logistics efficient. Everyone is crowded around the fishing hole of making the stuff. People will catch the limit daily if they create efficiencies in this space and take a piece. The space is waiting for a software leader.

  • Brad:
    i fished the Dong Ha and Roi Quan Rivers in Vietnam outside of Khe Sanh with a variety of grenades when i was younger. the M26 fragmentation grenade was always good for getting a couple of huge carp and a white phosphorous grenadeon the water had the added benefit of creating a huge flash that was amusing.

    When it comes to contemporary combat fishing here in San Diego, i prefer to throw large iron with two treblle hooks near butt heads who are too close. About the second time a two ounce piece of metal comes whizzing by, they get the idea and movev away. this works equally well for getgting jetskiers the hell away from your fishing spot in the channel leading to Mission Bay.


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