Where In The World Is Your WebEx Conference?

Ok – this is superbly cool (at least I think so.)  WebEx just put up an “activity map” showing the real-time location of all the active WebEx conferences.  This uses the Quova GeoPoint technology and is a very visual real-time example of how this works

  • Dave Jilk

    Great for VC-funded CEOs to see what beach resort their investors are actually calling in from.

  • raj

    Thanks to WebEx for doing such a great job.
    I’ll be back next time.

  • I want to know what conference call was going on in Pago Pago! That’s one lonely dot out there in the middle of the pacific.

  • Bruce Wyman

    lol, is it still cool if it’s been available as a myspace widget for some time?


    On the more serious side, though, isn’t this mostly a case of “so what” until someone actually does something that sort of data? The Weather Channel was delivering location specific content and advertising 8 years ago using this sort of technology. Am I any more inclined to feel part of a webex community just by seeing that other people around the world are using their services?

  • It’s extra special cool if it’s a Myspace widget. Quova has had real time geolocation tech since 1999 and has hundreds of clients doing really interesting stuff with both in and the data. I thought it was a fun real time thing with WebEx, especially since when I was an investor in Raindance (a WebEx competitor), I always thought it would be neat to map all the conference nodes in real time.

    The real time and dynamic mapping – with a high degree of accuracy – is actually non-trivial to do.

    And – I doubt you care about WebEx any more based on this – my guess is they are just promoting it as (a) a clever thing and (b) demonstration of the reach / range of people using their service at any given time.

  • Hey Brard, thanks for pointing this out. I just posted this on my blog at

    I was more impressed with the WebEx numbers than the Activity Map though…

    2,000,000 Registered Users

    27,000 Customers

    50,000 Meetings a day

    My real question is whether or not those meetings are individual user sessions or actual meeting with multiple users at each meeting. Regardless, those numbers are substantial.

    I expect that this service from Quova is an enterprise level service and not geared to the average blogger eh?

    Cheers – Craig