The World According to Ronald Reagan

This was just too good to pass up.  Click through to see a bigger version on Wikipedia (along with all the copyright noise about this.)


Amy and I were both Reagan youth before becoming liberal weenies.

  • Raj

    I worked for Jesse Helms on two separate occassions, first when I was 15 and again when I was 21, before I finally realized how misguided I was.

    I walked into his Raleigh office (after my mom dropped me off) and asked for a paying summer job and then later worked for him in DC before realizing that technology was much cooler than politics.

  • I love it!

    I only wish some of the smaller type was more readable…

    Don Jones

  • Oops – missed the click-through to the larger version – thanks Brad!


  • Lori

    Ditto for me. At least the Reagan idealism/simplification of the world did serve to engage us as young people, versus typical politicians of today.

  • Scott

    I bought this as a poster at a mall in D.C. when I was in High School in 1986 and had it on my bedroom wall. I was a Reagan fanatic and still am.