Gone Fishing

I’m going on a blogging vacation for the rest of the year.  While I’ll be online, I’m going to turn off all the blogging stuff (read and write) until January 1 just to clean out my brain.  While I’d love to tell you about how amazing the new FeedBurner Site Stats are (from the BlogBeat acquisition earlier this year) or the super cool “Personal Network Search” that Lijit has created, it’ll have to wait until 2007.

Enjoy the holidays – I’ll talk to you next year.

  • Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year then. See you next year!

  • urbandirtbag


  • Martha

    You’ll be missed!!!

  • Merry Christmas! We’ll miss you! Have a great vacation.

  • hope you have a wonderful vacation! =)

  • Chip

    Considering that you are one of the most prolific (and relevant) bloggers I read, I would say that a vacation is well deserved. I am looking forward to the return of the pithy Feld-ments in the new year.

    Take care

  • Now look what you have done to me. Adding Boulder blogs into my Newsgator feed. And actually taking time to read them at Vics… Look forward to keeping up with it all, especially through your blog in 2007. Maybe even a podcast, too?