To Be Ajaxianed

Many companies strive to be TechCrunched (I got an email this morning asking me to introduce someone to TechCrunch and GigaOm – as if that would have any real impact.)  If you’re a nerd, however, you want to be Ajaxianed.  Ajaxian – who’s goal is to “generate more hype than Rails” has a nice showcase article up on Me.dium along with some invite codes.  It’s a very good explanation of what Me.dium is trying to do and why it matters, along with some techy stuff.

  • Besides AJAX, I am also a fan of Flash and Flex 2 for rich, sleek and usable interfaces. Adobe is also working on a product called Apollo which helps build Internet applications to run on a computer desktop. Lots of neat tools out there and on the way.