The Best Computer Review Ever

My partner Ryan pointed me to Mark Morford’s incredible review of the new MacBook Pro on SFGate.  Actually – in Mark’s words – it’s not really a MacBook Pro – it’s a “brand new lick-ready smooth-as-love Apple MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo Super Orgasm Deluxe Ultrahard Modern Computing Device Designed by God Herself Somewhere in the Deep Moist Vulva of Cupertino Yes Yes Don’t Stop Oh My God Yes.”  Um, yeah – that’s not exactly how I felt when I got my new Levono T60 with Vista on it the other day.  At least mine works, compared to Ryan’s.

  • I guess we know what Ryan uses his computer for.

  • For a guy as tuned in to Web 2.0 and, obviously, as smart as you are (I read your blog, you’re very smart), you are really being a knucklehead for not using the best computing tools available.

    A Lenovo? Come-on, give me a break. You’re driving a Honda Accord while the rest of us are driving Lexuses. Apple = Lexus. Hard to explain to someone in an Accord why they “need” a Lexus. They don’t actually “need” one but the ride sure is a hell of a lot better.

    BTW- Tell your partner that when he sent his laptop back to get the speakers fixed he could have simply temporarily “bought” a refurbished Macbook Pro (by credit card) and firewired a copy of the harddrive of his new laptop which was getting fixed onto the refurbished laptop.

    While his broken laptop was getting fixed he could use his “loaner” as if it were his (everything from his broken laptop would be there and it would look EXACTLY the same. Even his settings).

    When his laptop was fixed and returned he could then firewire everything back to his actual laptop and return the loaner refurbished laptop back for a full refund to his credit card (no restocking charge).

    Not sure why they didn’t tell him this at the store but it is single coolest program I have ever heard used. I did it and I could’ve cared less if my machine (which got sent in for a new logic board) were gone for 3 weeks or 3 years. I had the exact same machine with all my digital bits on it.

    Don’t be stubborn, go buy a Mac.

  • I like to think of my Lenovo X60 / Vista laptop as an “Acura”. My Mac Pro with it’s 30″ monitor is upstairs humming away. I like to use a variety of computers just to get a feel for what’s going on. I’ve got a bunch of three-screen Windows XP Desktops (my daily work computer), a Mac Pro + 30″, a G5 + 23″, and my spanking brand new Acura X60 which I’m enjoying very much so far.

  • My X60 tablet is pretty orgasmic too. I use it over my Macbook Pro, which doesn’t have as many connectivity option as my ThinkPad X60 tablet.
    Also, when I rotate my ThinkPad tablet, the screen switches viewing modes with me.
    MacBookPro may be nice, but on a day by day basis I use my X60’s more. They are lighter, more versatile and built in EvDo (Without a card sticking outto get snagged in my back pack) is absolute proof of the value of the ThinkPasd design team’s value to Lenovo.
    In fact the more think about it, the more I believe that Lenovo/IBM’s decisiosns to keep foster and keep design internally is a strategic part of the success of the ThinkPad brand.

    Jim Forbes

  • guy is a great writer talking about one of the best brands ever. Loved his style on this one. great

    long aapl