Please Don’t Let Them Call It Web 3.0

I’m personally going to boycott the phrase “Web 3.0” since “Web 2.0” makes me tired enough.  There have been some great quips going around the system about this, including Gordon Weakliem’s “I haven’t even gotten around to upgrading to Web 1.0 Service Pack 2”, Michael Parekh’s “Web 2007 versions”, Peter Rip’s “Web 2.0 + 1”, and Nick Bradbury’s “Web 3.0 Does Not Validate.”  While I recognize the inevitability of the newest increment of the Web x.0 label, I don’t have to like it.

  • There’s always “Web Two-Point-Uh-Oh”

  • I’ve been talking about this topic for a while now with my friend Greg Reinacker. Unless you are at the cutting edge of webdev, or, like yourself, a leading edge investor, Web 2.0 is a meaningless term. To the average user (and I’ll lump myself in there, since although I am a very tech-savvy, high-end PC user, I only know what AJAX is via my NewsGator friends) the web is an evolving thing. Every now and then something new comes along on a site you may have visited many times before, and you say “hey that’s sorta neat”. But there has been no revolution on this end. And the whole Office 2.0 concept seems to me to be a solution looking for a problem. The bottom line is that the whole x.0 concept is a sort of inside joke. Down the road these leading edge guys will be able to say “hey I was part of that Web 2.0 thing” and their friend will say “what are you talking about?”. On their wristwatch global personal communicator, of course.

  • Dave Jilk

    Are they going to upgrade the Series of Tubes in Web 3.0? Because then I’m all for it.

  • They are interesting stuff. Some guys like to use fashion words to attract eyeballs. As long as they can illustrate the essential points, let it be.

    I use Security 2.0 to describe the new trends in network security area, e.g. internal control, identity and access management, and etc. That differentiate themselves from the original anti-virus plus firewall plus IDS. No matter what you call them, they just exist there. right?

  • Web2007 version?! can u tell me more about that..sounds interesting…thanks.