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The Immortal Game inspired me to play some chess again. I was having trouble sleeping tonight so I hopped online to find an online chess game. Not surprisingly, I was completely overwhelmed by options. Any suggestions for good places to hang out and play online?

  • Craig Wilcox

    Hey Brad,

    I didn’t know you played. Glad to know it. I like, a service of Chessbase. Very intuitive interface, a lot of strong players, and excellent analysis of important games by my friend Yasser Seirawan.

    Perhaps we’ll play a game someday!


  • Yahoo! Chess.

    I’m biased because it was my idea and I was on the team that built it.

    David Cowan from BVP plays there.



  • I would recommend (no affiliation). I’ve been a member for years.

    If you need to look me up, I’m member “dharmesh”.

  • I would checkout MSN zone games as you may already have a passport login. Its easy to setup – easy to reach other people you know to play and it will tally your scores and stats. Its also good for a quick game of other genres like checkers or backgammon.

  • Awesome — while the above have outlined good choices, I play on which is all about chess so it’s better than the portal sites. Auren Hoffman and other Valley folk use RedHotPawn. It’s correspondance chess, which is what you need (not live games). If you choose this site I will invite you to a game (but will have no mercy).

  • Brad,

    Erik’s right that I used to play Yahoo Chess (more than 10,000 games) but I have very happily switched to Blitzin, the client for ICC. There’s no wait for games, graceful recovery from disconnects, and lots of great variation (loser’s chess, Fischer random…).


  • I use Jin, a FICS client. FICS is Free-Internet-Chess-Server; I connect to — if you like to play online chess, this stuff will blow your mind. There are even robots designed to demo e.g., famous openings or to play against; the whole experience is like rich IRC for chess players.

  • I second redhotpawn for correspondence chess. Try uchess for real time.



    plenty of other fun games and many chess variants.

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