NewsGator Go! for J2ME Mobile Devices

A few months ago NewsGator released a Windows Mobile feed reader called NewsGator Go! I’ve been using it on my T-Mobile Dash and it’s fantastic.  Today, NewsGator Go! for J2ME just went Beta.  If you have a Blackberry, Palm Treo or Tungsten, Sony Ericsson (P800, P900, P910), Nokia, Motorola (V400, V551, V600, RAZR), Samsung, LG, or other Java phone, you can now run the NewsGator on it.  It automagically syncs with your NewsGator Online account (and any other NewsGator products you are using.)  Kevin Cawley – one of the big brains behind much of the NewsGator mobile stuff – has a nice post up about it.

My current configuration is FeedDemon on my PCs, NetNewsWire on my Macs, and NewsGator Go! Mobile on my Dash.  The Bones in Motion guys just sent me a KRZR ao I’ll give NewsGator Go! for J2ME a try on that this weekend.  It’s all tied together on the back end with NewsGator Online, although we are working on testing NewsGator Enterprise On-Demand (also in beta.) 

So – we’ve now got a wide range of mobile platforms covered – Windows, Java, and HTML – with sync to our online platform and enterprise products – with spiffy high-performance readers on each client.

  • I’ve been using it with my Cingular 8125 (HTC Wizard) since Kevin put it on his blog. It is outstandingly simple, fast, and useful. Did I mention fast?

  • I experimented the sync between FeedDemon and NewsGator, and — although otherwise just wonderful — it seemed to miss posts. Here’s the story in NewsGator forum: (it actually missed a lot of posts as I tested it; more than just what is described there.) I hope they’ll fix this problem soon so that I can re-enable the sync.

  • it doesn’t even stop there… the only ubiquitous method for getting data onto mobile handsets is sms. there are a few mobile handsets out there (a billion or so will ship this year). we are hard at work doing some clever things w/ RSS over SMS in order to touch ALL those devices.

    for example, i was talking with one of our enterprise team members today about a scenario where a customer is generating lots of rss output. you could subscribe and consume in FeedDemon or Go! or Inbox or NGOD or

  • I had been a religious bloglines user for awhile.

    Two weeks ago I switched to NetNewsWire. It’s incredible. I can’t believe how much I was missing!