More on Intelligence Amplification

My partner Ryan McIntyre has a nice, detailed follow up post on Intelligence Amplification.  Stan James – founder and CTO of Lijit (one of our investments in the Intelligence Amplification theme) – calls it the “Digital Cortex.”

  • Intelligence Amplification is too long. It also is not necessarily amplifying intelligence. In many cases it amplifies stupidity. Web 3.0 doesn’t say what it is but easily rolls off the tongue. Creating Passionate Users’ blog has a great post on the diff between buzz and jargon that defends the 2.0 – 3.0 moniker. 1.0 to 2.0 was fairly revolutionary going from mouthpiece to participatory. I think 3.0 just extends the goals of 2.0.

    I’m certainly not sold on 3.0 so here are a few others I’ll throw into the ring.

    • Community Think
    • iWeb or Interactive Web
    • Quorum
    • Rant
    • Second Life … hmmm that one’s taken 😉
    • WiQ or Web IQ
  • I’m just hoping that Intelligence Amplification catches on and get shortened to IA. Then it’ll be a really nice play on AI.