More Board Meeting Thoughts

Scott Converse has an extensive post about his second board meeting.  I’m a couple of months into my investment in ClickCaster and I’m very pleased with the progress Scott and crew have made.  I’m particularly happy with how effectively Scott listens, processes feedback, and acts on it.

  • BS

    Brad – any comments on ATT and Comergent deal?

    Would love to hear your analysis.

    Long time reader and ex-Comergent.

  • Hi-

    A few years back I was under the roof of a Bay Area VC and as CEO I hired managed by Greg Brodsky. My best friend Sasha was also my company lawyer at the time and he urged me to work with Greg. He is a CEO coach for Internet/Tech related companies. He is awesome. He is so helpful to truly understand the vision and direction of the company. He has worked with nearly every big company CEO including Bill Gates.

    Im not pluggin him exactly…but its uncanny in terms of timing reading what you said about your mentoring your latest investment. Im starting to search for VC money to advance my latest project which is a SNS Self-Service Hosted solution. So Im studying all the ways to monetize the different parts of my service. Which BTW you don’t seem to talk much about in your blog. Actually most Silicon Valley companies seem to avoid this topic!! I have been running a Building Materials export company out of China last 2 years and seems like if a project can not make money literally out of the gate then its a bad investment……

    Anyway check out this guy rocks!!