FeedDemon 2.1 Rocks

Nick Bradbury just released FeedDemon 2.1.  It’s spectacular.  I continue to use as many different newsreaders as I can get my hands on – FeedDemon is far and away the best for anyone with a large number (> 100) of feeds being monitored.  Nick has plenty of details on his blog, but some of the new features include:

  • Popular Topics: see your most frequently linked articles across your subscription list
  • Subscription Search: search your subscriptions
  • Security Lockdown: we’ve learned a lot about feed security at NewsGator and Nick continues to help lead the charge
  • Keyboard Navigation: not only is there extensive keyboard nav, but you can customize it

There are plenty more, especially for a x.1 release.  Attention, search, and security – look for a lot more of this across NewsGator’s products.

  • Raj

    I finally upgraded to FD2.1 this afternoon. Is it the pagination that they have added that makes it so much faster? The application seems much faster than it was before.

    My only complaint is that FeedStation installs by default. I don’t use it and end up uninstalling it each time.

  • Raj, every new version of FeedDemon has performance improvements, but most likely the pagination feature is the reason 2.1 is so much fater for you.

    We’ve had a couple of customers complain about FeedStation being installed. We’ll probably make it optional in the future, provided that it can be done in a way that doesn’t confuse new users.