Extreme Sync

I’m playing around with “extreme sync” these days – exercising as many platforms as I can simultaneously just for fun.  My central mail / calendar / contacts / tasks live on our Exchange server.  I’ve got sync working well across all my Windows devices (Office 2003 and Office 2007) along with my new Dash Windows Mobile PDA.  My Macs “mostly work” – everything is doing great (via Entourage) except “tasks.”  I’m a heavy Outlook / Exchange Task user so this is a critical one for me.  Anyone out there solve this?

  • peruse http://e2sync.com/ for Entourage sync’ing; when it works, it’s great.

    http://missingsync.com/ is the best sync util in general for mac.


  • How about calendar syncing? We’ve got over a dozen exchange users in our business and only three have been able to share calendars from within Exchange. I’ve been dying to find a sync utility to replicate the data in our Exchange platforms with an online calendar such as Google Calendar.

    The innovation of apps like Google Calendar are great, but most of us are still saddled (like you) with Exchange.

  • Calendar sync seems to work fine for me across all the platforms.

  • On the same topic, if you find out how to synchronize two separate Exchange Calendars I’d be very interested. When I say separate I mean that the Exchange are different servers, running different organizations with no trust between the two.
    The problem? Like most people, I have a business email and a personal email, both on Exchange, and although I’d like to keep email separate, I see no point on having Calendar and Contacts between different accounts.

    I run Entourage for both, and it works better than Outlook because on Outlook you can only open 1 Exchange account per profile (although you can open IMAP, POP3, etc.), while on Entourage you can open multiple Exchange accounts.

    I never use Tasks, so I don’t care about it.

    PS: Your new layout is much better.

  • Are you wedded to Exchange? It would seem to me, since you already have some Macs in the ‘flow, it would be easy to gradually move over to the Mac platform. Calendars and contacts can be easily synced without having to deal with the added expense of Windows and Exchange servers. Even an XServe is more cost effective from a licensing standpoint.

    You would always have the option to run Linux or Windows in Parallels or Boot Camp, and would avoid the usual virus/spyware headaches.

  • Try BlueTie’s free alternative to Exchange. 5GB storage per user, no ads, shared calenders, files and contacts, tasks, email with AS/AV, up to 20 users per account and domain support- all free.
    Hate to shamelessly promote but it does do what you want, although you’ll need to use Firefox on Mac as we don’t support Safari yet. Coming soon.

  • James Mitchell

    Brad — Why are you using Macs in addition to Windows PCs?

    I moved to hosted Exchange Server (“ES”) about two weeks ago, and now I can’t believe I did not do it before, so that multiple people can access my mailbox and calendar. I’m using Intermedia (www.Intermedia.net) and they have been fantastic.

    What has not worked well is offline cached files within Outlook, where Outlook creates a .pst file. Too many changes were not being moved up to the ES mailbox. So I turned that off and thus every time I access my ES mailbox, I am dong so live. I think this would create problems but so far, the response time has been fine. The only real problem has been when I move several e-mails to different mailboxes; sometimes the process can be real slow. But overall I am happy with the experience.

    I hope Microsoft gets offline cached files working better with Outlook 2007.

    Outlook 2003 is a HUGE improvement over previous versions of Outlook; they finally have a useable PIM.

    James Mitchell

  • I’m using Macs just for the hell of it (and to make sure I have a feel for how things work on different platforms.)

    I’m surprised you are having trouble with 2003 / cached mode. I’ve used it from all over the world with our Exchange server and have it as my default mode – even over slow Internet connections. I’ve found it to work very well.

    Today I’m on my laptop with Vista / Office 2007. It’s spectacular. I’d rate Office 2007, then Office 2003 best with Mac Entourage 2004 a distance third.

  • As a guy who now utilizes a web 2.0 calendar, contacts, and to-do list that I can bring up on ANY pc, Mac, or Windows Mobile 5 device, I am interested in watching other people struggle with the syncing problems and wonder why so few have ‘made the switch’.

  • Shy away from MissingSync if you can. Their support is pretty atrocious. I wound up simply loading up XP inside Parallels on my Mac instead. It was far less pain than getting them to fix their broken software to sync with my Cingular 8525.

  • CJ Michaud

    I’m just looking at the design of a sharepoint 2007 site and I’d like to know more about synchronizing calendars. Is there anyway of having one calendar in Sharepoint feed its information (synchronize one way) with another calendar? For example the events set in a divisional calendar will add themselves to the events in a branch calendar? Thus, adding to all the sub-calendars would be done automatically rather than one at a time. Is this possible?